The quality of our manufactured products represents the highest standards achieved through the use of the best materials, processed into the form of unique objects using machinery and equipment. Constant detailed control contributes to maximum reduction of all minor defects in the final product. Our priority is customer satisfaction based on the quality of product design made by the COREFORM brand.


Promoting tradition is an extremely important element of the COREFORM brand strategy. Most of the items created by our company are hand made, using traditional carpentry techniques. Every structural element at every stage of production is based on multi-generational knowledge and carpentry tradition. Vanishing woodworking techniques are constantly developed to give each design piece a unique character. COREFORM design pieces are the result of centuries-old carpentry tradition. The cultivation of craft together with old carpentry tools is at the heart & general philosophy of the CORFORM brand.


Supporting ecological awareness is of paramount importance for the COREFORM brand activity. All furniture is made of 99% ecological materials obtained from controlled distributors, who comply with all standards of natural resource renewal. More over, our COREFORM brand actively contributes to the reconstruction of forest resources by conscious tree planting. Our brand values are designed to create a company that stands out from the rest operating in the design industry. Our values have a significant impact on our position in the industry, sustainability and over all financial performance.

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