At COREFORM we use carefully selected materials for the most alluring and exclusive look of our products to suit your environment. Contact us with your requirements to customise our racks and stands to accommodate your weight configurations in LBs or Kgs. 

STAINLESS STEEL and BRONZE have been selected for their hard-wearing properties and aesthetical appeal. They guarantee the highest quality and much needed resistance in a gym environment providing product longevity and years of use. The silver shine of stainless steel and golden glow of bronze compliment our wood options.

EUROPEAN WALNUT is a very rare wood obtained locally, practically unattainable in the general market. We have selected it intentionally for its unique aesthetic appearance with vibrant wood grains and unique colour tones. Unknown to many, it also has antiseptic properties, making it a perfect quality in a gym environment.

BOG OAK is considered the most expensive wood in the world and it is seen among connoisseurs a black diamond in the wood family. Bog oak is created from the fallen trunks of oak trees that have lay in bogs, and bog-like conditions such as lakes and river beds for centuries and even millennia.  Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes the process of fossilization leading to a highly desirable dark colour finish.

Currently we are the only company that creates gym accessories from this extremely rare wood.

Choosing wood as a material guarantees uniqueness to each product at Coreform, as every batch of wood reveals different wood grains.

Built to perfection, COREFORM gym accessories will be a perfect addition to any luxury home gym.

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