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From our CUSTOM LUX line manufactured using the finest cuts of bog oak wood & bronze available to the customers specification.

Featuring 45 degree polished metal edges & round rubber protection rings.

BOG OAK is considered the most expensive wood in the world and it is seen among connoisseurs a black diamond in the wood family. Bog oak is created from the fallen trunks of oak trees that have lay in bogs, and bog-like conditions such as lakes and riverbeds for centuries and even millennia. Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes the process of fossilization leading to a highly desirable dark colour finish.

Currently we are the only company that creates gym accessories from this extremely rare wood.

COREFORM CUSTOM SHOP Offering bespoke solutions for the home gym.

Contact us with your requirements to customise our racks and stands to accommodate your weight configurations in LBs or KG. Select different materials from woods to metals to your suit your environment.

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