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Our CORETONE barbell set is one of a kind in its category of gym equipment. This stylish barbell set emerges as an extraordinary feature in any luxury home gym. All wooden surfaces are covered with natural oils & are resistant to water. A CORETONE barbell set consists of a rack stand, 3 pairs of weights & 10kg bar.

STAINLESS STEELS hard-wearing properties guarantees the highest quality and much needed resistance in a gym environment, providing product longevity and years of use. EUROPEAN WALNUT is a very rare wood obtained locally, practically unattainable in the general market.

It has antiseptic properties, making it a perfect quality in a gym environment.

COREFORM CUSTOM SHOP Offering bespoke solutions for the home gym Contact us with your requirements to customise our racks and stands to accommodate your weight configurations in LBs or KG. Select different materials from woods to metals to your suit your environment.

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